How to Gift

  1. Buy any participating bottle of Grant Burge wine from a participating outlet between the 13th November and the 3rd December 2019.
  2. Visit, complete form, upload receipt and nominate a friend or family member (18+, not in NT) to receive a gift. Nominations close at midnight on the 4th December 2019.
  3. Once the nomination is validated (within 3 business days) entrant will receive confirmation that their gift has been sent.


How to Redeem Gift

  1. Nominated friend/family member will receive an email or SMS with a voucher to redeem a free bottle of Grant Burge wine.
  2. Valid from the same retailer where your purchase was made, does not have to be the exact same store just the same retail chain.
  3. Voucher valid for the same Grant Burge sub range, not limited to the exact same varietal (see Participating Wines).
  4. Voucher must be redeemed by the 15th December 2019.
  5. Recipient goes in to specified outlet and selects a participating bottle. Takes it to the counter where the voucher is scanned and they receive their gifted bottle at no charge.