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Send a Gift

How many gifts can I send?

You can gift one free bottle to someone special (18+, not in NT)

Where can I buy a participating bottle?

You can purchase a participating wine from BWS, First Choice & Liquorland in store or online excluding NT and selected outlets in WA. To find a store, click here

Does an online purchase qualify for entry?

Yes it does. However, all gifts must be redeemed in store

If I purchased multiple bottles on one receipt how many people can enter using the one receipt?

Only one person can enter and send one bottle of wine per receipt regardless of the number of bottles purchased

What are the participating wines?

For a full list of participating wines, click here

What wine will my friend get?

Your friend will receive a voucher for a Grant Burge wine within the same range you purchased. For example, if you purchased a bottle from the Grant Burge Vigneron Collection your friend will receive a voucher valid for any of the wines within the Grant Burge Vigneron Collection available at the retailer you purchased from, subject to availability. For a list of participating wines, click here

When is the offer available?

Valid purchases from 13th November – 3rd December 2019 qualify for entry. All gifts must be claimed and nominations made by 4th December 2019. The gift voucher sent to your nominated special someone is valid from the date of delivery till the 15th December 2019.

Does it matter if the bottle of wine purchased is or isn’t on a price promotion?

No, regardless if there is a price promotion or not the eligible bottle is gifted free of charge. The gift voucher is valid for any of the wines specified regardless of price.

I have gifted a bottle but I haven’t received confirmation if the gift recipient has received it?

Please allow up to 3 business days for entries to be verified. If you haven’t received any correspondence from us, please check your spam or junk folders before contacting us here

I have received an email telling me my friend has received their voucher, but they can’t find anything in their email

Advise them to check their junk folders and check you had their correct email address. If they still haven’t located it, please contact us here


Redeem a Gift

Where can I redeem my free bottle?

You can redeem your free bottle from the retailer indicated on your email and voucher.

What wine can I get with voucher?

This will be indicated on your voucher.

When do I have to redeem my free bottle by?

You have until the 15th December 2019 to redeem your free bottle.

Can I redeem my free bottle online?

All gifted bottles have to be redeemed in store.

How many gifts can I receive?

There is a limit of 3 gifts per person.

Can I pay the difference to get a more expensive bottle?

Unfortunately, no. The wine you have been gifted is based on the wine the gifter purchased and selected to share with you.

Do I need to print my voucher to redeem the bottle?

You can either print your voucher or stores can scan the voucher from your mobile phone or device.

I went into store and none of the participating wines were available

In the rare occasion this happens, we would suggest going to another participating outlet or checking with outlet staff as to when the stock will be in. If this falls outside of the promotional period, please contact us here.

I have been gifted wine…but I don’t like wine?

We understand that not everyone likes wine. In the spirit of gifting, you could always pass on this gift to someone who would appreciate it more. It’s the thought that counts!